miniature du live sur l’apprentissage émotionnel avec une psychologue clinicienne

Live session: socio-emotional learning

Social-emotional learning with Alina Macavei

Last week we had the pleasure of welcoming Alina Macavei, clinical psychologist for a live session with Emoface (05/14).
In our article you will find: the replay of his presentation, the pdf material to download and a combo video of how to work on emotions.
“According to Darwin, emotions have an adaptive function: fear alerts us to danger and prepares us to flee, anger mobilizes our energy, etc. Our emotions are messages transmitted by our brain through our body to alert us about a life situation. So if we are faced with a situation that we perceive to be dangerous, we will feel a negative emotion. If the life situation is not perceived as dangerous, we will instead feel a positive emotion. Personally, I avoid classifying emotions as positive or negative, because they represent a message that tells us what will be the most appropriate way to react to the life situation we have in front of us.
Neuroscience studies now confirm that emotions play an important role in the development of cognitive functions such as attention and decision-making.
Finally, emotions are also a vector of socialization. Without emotions, no relationships! » – Alina Macavei, clinical psychologist
Alina Macavei is a clinical psychologist with cognitive-behavioral training. Since 2007 she has worked with autistic children in Romania and currently she is a clinical psychologist in an IME (Medical-Educational Institute) with young people between 16 and 25 years old with an intellectual disability who may present autistic traits.
At the same time, the psychologist runs workshops around emotions.
In this presentation Alina presents her journey and addresses:
■ Stages of emotional development in children
■ The tools used in its workshops
■ The importance of emotions in our life

We thank Alina for her participation and to all those who were present during the live.
Good viewing!

The live video “Socio-emotional learning”:

Video to work on emotions:

The slides presented during the live:

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