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Emocare : Raising awareness of emergencies to welcome autistic patients

Emocare provides essential awareness to healthcare professionals for better management of emergency situations with autistic patients.

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The Emocare project

People with autism spectrum disorders (ASD, or generally with neurodevelopmental disorders (NDD), present sensory and socio-emotional specificities. These specificities can make their current treatment in care establishments anxiety-provoking, and have an impact on health.

Autistic people have a reduced life expectancy of 17 years compared to the general population (30 years for non-verbal autistic people).

Caregivers of affected people are regularly confronted with refusals of care or unsuitable care, including in hospital and emergency rooms, which can be traumatic.

Health professionals remain insufficiently trained to take into account the specificities of autistic people.

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Who is Emocare for ?

This solution is designed for healthcare professionals working in hospital emergency departments. It aims to respond to the challenges encountered in welcoming and caring for autistic patients, in order to promote awareness around ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and improve the quality of care in emergency departments.

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What can we expect from Emocare ?

For autistic people

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  • Reduce the risk of not having appropriate somatic monitoring
  • Reduce anticipatory anxiety when accessing somatic care
  • Reduce agitation and anxiety during somatic care itself
  • Live a fun and stimulating experience

For parents of autistic children

photo d’une maman et de sa fille qui discute avec un médecin
  • Reduce apprehension when the child needs somatic care
  • Be able to better understand the particularities of your child during somatic care
  • Encourage a more sensitive and adapted approach from caregivers to ensure the comfort and safety of autistic children during care

For healthcare professionals

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  • Be able to understand the particularities of autistic people during somatic care
  • Be able to better communicate with caregivers during somatic care
  • Make care more effective and avoid crises among autistic people

This project was created in partnership with the ARHM Foundation and the M-lab living lab. We thank the specialists and parents very much for their participation in the creation of Emocare.

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