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EmoSchool is a project under development

EmoSchool : Promoting inclusion and well-being at school

“Developing social-emotional skills has a profound impact on health. Autism presents a well-identified and urgent need. Indeed, autistic people have difficulty expressing, recognizing and managing emotions, which causes, among other things, serious problems in terms of educational and professional inclusion and access to care.” a fact recognized by the OMS since 1994.

What is EmoSchool ?

During extracurricular time, among other things, many children play, have fun with friends, shout, speak loudly, express themselves, all the most ordinary things that can be found within ‘school. However, during these moments of great joy for some, others are in distress, there is too much noise for them, too much sensory stimulation which can make them anxious, stressed, sometimes aggressive. Indeed, autistic people very often need calm, rest (after having been stimulated all day with their teacher), they would like to be able to breathe like the others and yet they cannot.

The EmoSchool project, funded by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region, aims to train school staff, particularly during extracurricular times, in order to better meet the needs of autistic children. This tool currently under development also aims to teach children with cognitive disabilities* to better manage difficult social situations in the school environment.

*Cognitive disability is the consequence of dysfunctions of cognitive functions: disorders of attention, memory, adaptation to change, language, perceptual identifications (gnosias) and gestures (praxies), autism.

photo d’une classe d’enfants assis par terre à l’école
photo d’une institutrice qui montre la tablette à des enfants de l’école

Who is EmoSchool for ?

This tool is aimed at the entire medico-social and educational community, including teachers, school staff, as well as all those involved during extracurricular times. It is also intended for autistic children by offering them adapted resources to better understand school and create an environment conducive to their well-being.

What can we expect from EmoSchool ?

For autistic children

photo d’une salle de classe avec des enfants qui travaillent
  • Reduce anxiety and apprehension at school
  • Reduce potential crises
  • Promoting the well-being of children at school
  • Reduce fatigue linked to sensory attacks
  • Live a fun and stimulating experience

For parents of autistic children

photo d’une famille avec 2 enfants dans un couloir d’une école
  • Reduce apprehension when the child must stay at school
  • Be able to better understand the particularities of your child at school
  • Provide clear and detailed information about the child’s specific needs
  • Promote better mutual understanding between parents and school

For school staff

photo d’une professeur qui explique quelque chose à des enfants autour d’une table
  • Be able to understand the particularities of children with autism during school time
  • Be able to better communicate with caregivers of a child with autism during school time
  • Make communication and messages more effective between students and themselves

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