Will the photos taken via the app be stored locally or are they likely to end up on the internet?

Photos taken through the app are stored locally, on the tablet used for playing. However, you do not yet have access to it. There is no risk that they end up on the internet or anywhere other than where they are stored. If you change tablets and sign in with the same account as before, the old photos will not be on the new tablet.

Will the user see ads while playing?

Our games do not contain any ads: no subtle ads, pop-up ads or other in-app purchases outside of your subscription. Children and adults alike can play without interruptions, but a cute little monster will probably appear on screen from time to time to cheer you up. You have been warned!

Will my data be used without my consent?

Emoface is committed to never commercializing your data and never sharing it with third parties. We only use them to improve the user experience and the efficiency of our app. And this will not change. For any questions regarding the protection of your data, click here (link to contact) to send us a message.