All about Emoface

Do you have a question? Want to know something about Emoface? Most likely, the answer is already somewhere on the platform, so use the quick search and find out everything you want to know.

Discover a continuous experience

Kids love to play. They also like repetition. So play with Emoface 2-3 times a week and help them learn and understand emotions and develop their emotional intelligence!

Start a journey full of discoveries

Emoface is a true journey through the world of emotions. The game is built on 30 levels, each including 15 activities, with different degrees of complexity, contributing to the development of several skills: recognizing and understanding emotions, identifying emotions in context and reproducing emotions.

Play whenever you want

The joy of a discovery increases when you have the freedom to study it as closely as you want. Emoface includes 5 activities that children can access at any time during their learning process, in beginner or advanced mode, to strengthen acquired skills or to study a certain emotion in more detail.

Explore the "face" of each emotion

Every emotion looks different depending on the context. With the Emoface avatars, children can shape different facial features to be able to express every emotion. And they can give the avatarfs a different "face" every time. Possibilities are endless!

Measure how far you've come

You never know how far you've come if you don't look back. Emoface includes statistics that indicate the progress of each child in their journey into the universe of emotions and helps identify obstacles, so that you know at any time where support is needed to succeed!

Create a unique experience

Emoface allows you to personalize each experience, through images that reflect different emotions, or audio messages that children can discover during the game. This way, you create a unique experience for your child and together you learn all the secrets of each emotion.