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What activities are available in the “Games” section?

Do they have the same expression?

In this activity, the learner must identify the facial expressions simultaneously present on two stimuli, then understand whether the expressions are identical or not. The answer is “True / False”, represented as icons with the colors green (true) and red (false).

Pair the expressions!

In this activity, 4 stimuli are offered simultaneously, always forming two pairs. The learner must combine the right stimuli in order to form the right pairs.

Find the intruder!

In this activity, 3 stimuli are presented simultaneously. Two are identical, while one is different: the learner must identify the odd one out and differentiate it from the other two.

Look for the same emotion!

In this activity, a target image / video and two stimuli are presented. The learner must find the stimuli that is identical with the target image.

Express the same emotion!

In this activity, a target image is presented. The learner is invited, thanks to the camera feedback, to imitate the expression / emotion shown in the target image. The validation is done by taking a photo which will later allow a comparison between the target image and the image of the expression / emotion reproduced by the learner.

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