All about Emoface

Do you have a question? Want to know something about Emoface? Most likely, the answer is already somewhere on the platform, so use the quick search and find out everything you want to know.

I am a learner, how can I use the app?

The “Settings and profiles” section allows you to manage each profile, configure the gaming experience, customize, and observe the progress of each profile using the “statistics” section. This section is secure. To access it, you need to enter a code that you get by solving a simple operation.

The “Learner” section makes the gaming experience pleasant and reassuring – no ads and with an attractive and simple design, which allows better concentration while avoiding over-stimulation.

The detailed statistics in the application give you an overview of the progress of each profile in their journey into the universe of emotions.

Add your own photos for a personalized experience, they will appear randomly in games.

Progress: play and access different levels of complexity to acquire new skills!

Games: free games with personalized content. Practice different activities with two levels of difficulty and different emotions included.

Exploration: explore and discover facial features freely on the app’s 3D avatars.

Do you need help?

The Emoface team is here for you. We can help you with more information and the support you need to embark on the journey through the world of emotions with your child.