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How can I use the statistics section of the app?

With the help of the “Statistics” section, you can see the progress made by each profile, in several ways, in real time. The data is saved for comparison and analysis. The structure of the exercises includes 5 tests and facilitates the possibility of statistical data analysis. The data shows you, for example, the level from which you start, during the first games, and you can compare the data with more recent information, when you move on to the implementation of the intervention.

You can observe data, weekly or monthly, for each profile:

An overview of the profile’s activity: the average time spent per session, the total playing time, the most played emotion or the date of the last playing session.

Statistics according to the activity performed and the emotion exercised, with a success rate (score) and a graphical representation (progression curves) of all tests and all successes for each activity and for each emotion. The score is calculated by reporting the number of successes from the total number of attempts for each activity.

The app generates a report for each activity and for each emotion practiced, with indicators expressed in percentages. This report allows you to observe the progress for each activity and emotion and to identify which activities seem easier and which seem more difficult for each profile.

Activities included in the calculation of the score:

  • Progress
  • Pair ordering
  • Find the intruder
  • Identify similar elements
  • Expressions comparison

Activities not included in the score calculation: Expression of the identified emotion

You have to finish an exercise for the score to be considered and recalculated.

For more information on data analyzed over a long period of time or any other additional information, contact the Emoface team at any time. All our data are available on the Contact page.

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The Emoface team is here for you. We can help you with more information and the support you need to embark on the journey through the world of emotions with your child.