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Customization: how do I add / remove an image from game content?

The customization section allows you to add or delete the photos which appear in the different Emoface exercises. To access this feature, go to the “Profile & Settings” section, and then select “Personalization”.

You can add photos representing emotions / expressions in two different ways:

  • by taking a photo directly via the device used to access the app (tablet, computer, etc.)
  • by choosing a photo from the files on the device used to access the app. You can include a photo that has been downloaded or sent to you.
  • At the same time, you can view the photos added in the app with a simple click, which allows you, for example, to present them to the learner or to evaluate the photo’s difficulty level.

To decide whether or not a photo appears in the exercises, without deleting it, click on it to display it, then click the “Exclude” button. The standard photos in the app can’t be deleted, but they can be excluded from games.

If you want to remove a photo you added to the app, select the photo to display it, then click the “Trash” icon.

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